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Count the Benefits of NE/SDJA!
Jewelers ask . . . “Why should I join the Nebraska & South Dakota Jewelers Association? Let us count the ways that NE/SDJA is the association for independent retail jewelers in the states of Nebraska & South Dakota!

Professional Networking:  Professionals in all phases of the jewelry industry agree that networking is an essential element of success -- a key element to advance yourself and your business. The NE/SDJA is an exceptional resource for jewelers in every facet of the retail jewelers business to interact with their peers. Sales associates, bench jewelers, store owners and managers can expand and strengthen their resources through the functions of NE/SDJA.  
  • Active membership in the association opens the door to meet new industry professionals and learn new information and ideas. 
  • Active membership accentuates your image as a professional jeweler.

The NE/SDJA provides a Forum:  Retailers, sales representatives, and manufacturers use the NE/SDJA to exchange vital information and new ideas. This networking opportunity has been found to be invaluable by some of the state’s and the industry's most successful professionals.

Educational Programs: Knowledge is the proven road to success!  
  • Increase your knowledge and your standing as a professional jeweler. 
  • Broaden your understanding of a variety of industry topics through the association’s seminars, workshops and round table discussions.
  • Participate in workshops lead by nationally recognized industry presenters and trainers.
  • Sit around tables with state and regional jewelers and discuss anything and everything that an independent jeweler might consider important or timely.

Membership Directory:  Have a question, a problem or just need to talk shop with someone who understands the challenges of being an independent retail jeweler in the states of Nebraska or South Dakota? The annual membership directory provides the names and contact information on all NE/SDJA member jewelers, and they are eager to offer options, alternatives and opinions.

NE/SDJA’s Quarterly Newsletters:  Read the association’s quarterly newsletter and be in the know about jewelry industry trends and activities in the state and the region. NE/SDJA encouraged members to submit articles, information, opinions, advertisements and items of interest for publication.  

Activities:  The NE/SDJA provides a social forum for its members to network and socialize. Often times the unplanned social events that are on every NE/SDJA meeting agenda are the innovative encounters that start the creative juices flowing and produce just the change you’ve been needing.

Incalculable Value:  There is strength in numbers. Make your voice heard. The association is an advocate of members concerns. It provides members with security updates and a united voice with area law enforcement agencies.